By Schedule


07:45 a.m.
Mitral Valve Surgery in Heart Failure:
Results of the Acorn CorCapTM Randomized Trial
Speaker(s): Michael Andrew Acker, Steven F Bolling, Douglas L Mann, Mariell Jessup, Hani Sabbah, Randall C Starling, Richard J Shemin, James K Kirklin, Spencer Kubo; Philadelphia, PA, Ann Arbor, MI, Houston, TX, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, Boston, MA, Birmingham, AL, St. Paul, MNDiscussant: D. Craig Miller

08:05 a.m.
Should Mediastinoscopy Be Routine for Patients with Clinical Stage I Lung Cancer Screened by CT and PET Scans: A Decision Analysis
Speaker(s): Fabio J Haddad, Bryan F Meyers, Jennifer Bell Zoole, Nirmal K Veeramachaneni, Richard J Battafarano, Joel D Cooper, Barry A Siegel, G Alexander Patterson; Saint Louis, MODiscussant: Cameron D. Wright

08:25 a.m.
Case Complexity Scores in Congenital Heart Surgery: A comparative validation study of the Aristotle Basic Complexity score and the Risk Adjusted Congenital Heart Surgery (RACHS) scoring system.
Speaker(s): Osman O Al-radi, Christopher A Caldarone, Brian W McCrindle, Jeffrey P. Jacobs, Gail Williams, William G Williams, Glen S Van Arsdell; Toronto, ON, CanadaDiscussant: Marc R. de Leval


08:45 a.m.
New Insights Into the Pathogenisis and Treatment of Marfan Harry Dietz, M.D.
Speaker(s): Harry Dietz, M.D.

10:15 a.m.
Invited Speaker
Speaker(s): Elizabeth G. Nabel
Director of The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

10:45 a.m.
Ross Operation - Sixteen Year Experience
Speaker(s): Ronald C Elkins, C Craig Elkins, Mary M Lane, Christopher J Knott-Craig, Timothy H Trotter, Marvin D Peyton; Oklahoma City, OKDiscussant: Hartzell V. Schaff

11:05 a.m.
Outcomes For Resected Stage IIIA Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Over 15 Years at a Single Institution.
Speaker(s): Linda W Martin, Arlene M Correa, Marcelo Dolormente, Rhodette Francisco, Faye Martin, Arcenio J Sarabia, Waun Ki Hong, W Roy Smythe, Joe B Putnam, Jr., Wayne Hofstetter, David C Rice, Ara A Vaporciyan, Stephen G Swisher, Garrett L Walsh, Jack A Roth; Houston and Temple, TX, Nashville, TNDiscussant: Valerie W. Rusch


11:30 a.m.
For Everything There is a Season
Speaker(s): Tirone E. David
Toronto, Ontario Canada


1:45 p.m.
Risk Factors for Progression of Atherosclerosis After
Primary CABG: Genetic Polymorphisms Predispose for Adverse Events
Speaker(s): Sandra Eifert, Astrid Rasch, Peter Lohse, Bruno Reichart, Georg Nollert; Munich, GermanyDiscussant: Edward D. Verrier

2:05 p.m.
Regional Cerebral Tissue Saturation is Useful in Predicting Stroke after Operations Involving the Aortic Arch with Selective Antegrade Cerebral Perfusion
Speaker(s): Christian Olsson, Stefan Thelin; Uppsala, SwedenDiscussant: G. Michael Deeb

2:25 p.m.
Evolving Selective Cerebral Perfusion for Aortic Arch Operations: High Flow Rate with Moderate Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
Speaker(s): Kenji Minatoya, Hitoshi Ogino, Hitoshi Matsuda, Hiroaki Sasaki, Toshikatsu Yagihara, Soichiro Kitamura; Osaka, JapanDiscussant: Joseph E. Bavaria

3:20 p.m.
Pre-storage Leukoreduction Of Transfused Packed Red Blood Cells Improves Mid-term Survival Following Cardiac Surgery
Speaker(s): Anthony P Furnary, YingXing Wu, Hugh L Gately, Jeffrey S Swanson, Pasala Ravichandran, Grace Chien, Cynthia D Morris, Lynn K Boshkov, Gary L Grunkemeier, H Storm Floten; Portland, ORDiscussant: John A. Kern

3:40 p.m.
Aortic root necrosis following Surgical Treatment for Acute Type A Aortic Dissection Using Gelatin-Resotcin Formalin(GRF) Glue
Speaker(s): Shinichi Suzuki, Kiyotaka Imoto, Keiji Uchida, Motohiko Gouda, Toshiki Hatsune, Yoshinori Takanashi; Yokohama, JapanDiscussant: Tirone E. David

4:00 p.m.
Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia Type II is Frequent and Leads to Serious Complications in Patients on Mechanical Circulatory Support
Speaker(s): Soren Schenk, Latif Arusoglu, Kazutomo Minami, Michiel Morshuis, Peter Sarnowsksi, Reiner Koerfer, Aly El- Banayosy; Bad Oeynhausen, GermanyDiscussant: Harold L. Lazar

4:20 p.m.
A Comparative Trial of Open Versus Stent Graft Repair of Descending Thoracic Aneurysms
Speaker(s): R Scott Mitchell, Michel S Makaroun, Gregario Sicard, Richard P Cambria, David Williams, Joseph Bavaria; Stanford, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO, Boston, MA, Ann Arbor, MI, Philadelphia, PADiscussant: Joseph S. Coselli

4:40 p.m.
Is Good Perioperative Echocardiographic Result Predictive of Mid-Term Durability in Ischemic Mitral Valve Repair?
Speaker(s): Denis Bouchard, Karim Serri, Arsène J Basmadjian, Marianne Coutu, Philippe Demers, Raymond Cartier, Pierre Pagé, Louis P Perrault, Michel Carrier, Michel Pellerin; Montreal, PQ, CanadaDiscussant: Robert A. Dion


1:45 p.m.
High-Dose Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Plus Surgery in Multi-Modality Treatment of Stage IIIA and IIIB Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Clinical Results of UMD-GCC 9953, A Prospective Phase II Study
Speaker(s): King F Kwong, Martin J Edelman, Mohan Suntharalingam, Ziv Gamliel, Sonia P Bisaccia, Lindsay B Cooper, Nancy L Kennedy, Whitney Burrows, Petr Hausner, L Austin Doyle, Mark J Krasna; Baltimore, MDDiscussant: Richard H. Feins

2:05 p.m.
Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication in Patients with End-Stage Lung Disease Awaiting Transplantation
Speaker(s): Philip Linden, Richard Gilbert, Kathleen Boyle, Aaron Deykin, Raphael Bueno; Boston, MADiscussant: Pasquale Ferraro

2:25 p.m.
Should Dor Fundoplication Be Added to Heller Myotomy? A Physiologic Clinical Study of Achalasia
Speaker(s): Thomas W Rice, Alicia A McKelvey, Sudish C Murthy, David P Mason, Mark E Baker, Michael F Vaezi, Jingyuan Feng, Eugene H Blackstone; Cleveland, OHDiscussant: Steven R. DeMeester

2:45 p.m.
Surgical Treatment of Diffuse Tracheobronchomalacia
Speaker(s): Simon K Ashiku, Jr., Robert L Thurer, Armin Ernst, David Feller-Kopman, Stephen Loring, Carl Odonnell, Phillip M Boiselle, Malcolm M DeCamp; Boston, MADiscussant: Hermes C. Grillo

3:05 p.m.
Long Segment Supercharged Pedicled Jejunal Flap for Total Esophageal Reconstruction
Speaker(s): Anthony J Ascioti, Wayne L Hofstetter, Michael J Miller, David C Rice, Stephen G Swisher, Ara A Vaporciyan, Jack A Roth, J B Putnam, W Roy Smythe, Garrett L Walsh; Houston, TX, Nashville, TN, Temple, TXDiscussant: Joseph I. Miller

4:00 p.m.
Risk Factors for Primary Graft Dysfunction Following Lung Transplantation
Speaker(s): Dilip S Nath, Adam C Johnson, Adam R Walker, Matthew E Prekker, Cynthia S Herrington, Peter S Dahlberg; Minneapolis, MNDiscussant: Alec Patterson

4:20 p.m.
EUS-Identified Celiac Adenopathy Remains A Poor Prognostic Factor Despite Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy In Patients With Adenocarcinoma Of The Distal Esophagus
Speaker(s): Sukit C Malaisrie, Arlene M Correa, Jaffer A Ajani, Ritsuko R Komaki, Wayne L Hofstetter, David C Rice, Ara A Vaporciyan, Garrett L Walsh, Sandeep Lahoti, Jeffrey H Lee, Bresalier Robert, Jack A Roth, Stephen G Swisher; Houston, TXDiscussant: Carolyn E. Reed

4:40 p.m.
Videothoracoscopic Talc Poudrage in Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax. A Single-Institution Experience on 861 Cases
Speaker(s): Giuseppe Cardillo, Francesco Carleo, Roberto Giunti, Luigi Carbone, Salvatore Mariotta, Michele Lopergolo, Marco Di Martino, Lorenzo Salvadori, Massimo Martelli; Rome, ItalyDiscussant: Douglas E. Wood


1:45 p.m.
A Competing Risks Analysis of Outcomes and Associated Factors in 145 Neonates with Tricuspid Atresia: A Congenital Heart Surgeons' Society Study
Speaker(s): Tara Karamlou, David A Ashburn, Christopher A Caldarone, Eugene H Blackstone, Richard A Jonas, Marshall L Jacobs, William G Williams, Ross M Ungerleider, Brian W McCrindle; Toronto, ON, Canada, Winston-Salem, NC, Cleveland, OH, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Portland, ORDiscussant: Hillel Laks

2:05 p.m.
The Relationship of Postoperative Electrographic Seizures to Neurodevelopmental Outcome at One Year of Age Following Neonatal and Infant Cardiac Surgery
Speaker(s): J W Gaynor, Gail P Jarvik, Judy Bernbaum, Marsha Gerdes, Gil Wernovsky, Nancy Burnham, JoAnn D'Agostino, Susan C Nicolson, Thomas L Spray, Robert R Clancy; Philadelphia, PA, Seattle, WADiscussant: Richard A. Jonas

2:25 p.m.
Influence of Surgical Strategies on Outcome After Norwood Procedure
Speaker(s): Massimo Griselli, Simon P McGuirk, Oliver Stümper, Andrew JB Clarke, Paul Miller, Rami Dhillon, John GC Wright, Joseph V de Giovanni, David J Barron, William J Brawn; Birmingham, UKDiscussant: Thomas L. Spray

2:45 p.m.
Impact of RV-PA Shunt on Ventricular Function
Speaker(s): Shunji Sano, Kozo Ishino, Masaaki Kawada, Kouichi Kataoka, Shin-Ichi Ohtsuki; Okayama, JapanDiscussant: Ralph Mosca

3:40 p.m.
Results of Surgery for Ebstein's Anomaly: A Multi-Center Study from the European Congenital Heart Surgeons' Association
Speaker(s): Nickolas Miltiadis Giannopoulos, Andrew Konstantine Chatzis, Alexandros Yannis Tsoutsinos, George Vassilis Kirvassilis, George Elias Sarris; Athens, GreeceDiscussant: Gordon K. Danielson

4:00 p.m.
Laryngopharyngeal Dysfunction Following the Norwood Procedure
Speaker(s): Margaret L Skinner, Lucinda A Halstead, Catherine S Rubinstein, Andrew M Atz, Scott M Bradley; Charleston, SCDiscussant: James S. Tweddell

4:20 p.m.
Pulmonary Atresia with Ventricular Septal Defects and Major Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries: Unifocalization Brings No Long-Term Benefits
Speaker(s): Yves d\'Udekem, Nelson Alphonso, Martin Agge Norgaard, Andrew Donald Cochrane, Glenda Rolley, Jim L Wilkinson, Christian Brizard; Melbourne, AustraliaDiscussant: Frank L. Hanley

4:40 p.m.
Accurate Assessment of Haemodynamics After Norwood Procedure: Importance of Systemic Oxygen Consumption
Speaker(s): Jia Li, Gencheng Zhang, Helen Holtby, Tilman Humpl, Brian McChrindle, Bill G. Williams, Christopher Caldarone, Andrew N Redington, Glen S Van Arsdell; Toronto, ON, CanadaDiscussant: Scott M. Bradley